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"A company is only as resilient as its people"

- Arianna Huffington.


Our aim at Connected Together is to provide mental wellbeing and emotional support to groups, teams and employees. Interactive, immersive and thought provoking workshops that are tailored to the needs of the organisation, team or individual. With a focus on building confidence, resilience, deeper connections and personal growth. We are all about being there for the people and not just the business.


Created out of the need for consistent support for emotional and mental wellbeing. We offer groups of teams within organisations or individuals, a full mental health and wellbeing MOT.



We are two experienced therapists who are passionate about people’s mental & emotional wellbeing. Our aim is to help businesses, teams and individuals alike to connect back to each other and themselves by providing a safe and confidential space along with the tools required to encourage people to stop, reflect, adapt, connect and support one another in their journey of coming back together.


We have devised a wellbeing programme which covers all aspects of mental & emotional wellbeing; however, each workshop within the programme can be tailored to suit you and your employee’s needs.

The focus is on employees and creating a better work life balance, understanding their own stresses, triggers and anxieties. Our mission is to help individuals and teams reconnect and regroup in a safe and confidential space. Creating proactive teams with the resilience to cope with whatever comes their way. The future of any business is the investment in its people!


We recommend our programme for up to ten people; from employees, to managers to group leaders and freelancers or individuals who need some extra support.



We run both online and face to face sessions. Based on current guidelines, we can run in person workshops with a maximum of 15 people in total (which is allowed under the current “support & therapy” guidance). We have tested and run our online workshops and have received fantastic feedback.


You can fill out a contact form, send us an email or give us a call. Everything we talk about will be treated confidentially.

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“I just wanted to say a huge thank you again. It was such an enjoyable session and really engaging. Both you and Natalie did such a great job of making us all feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout. It felt like such a safe space to open up and discuss experiences and was really nice to have the time to reflect a bit as there hasn't been much time to do that of late. Thank you so much.”

Emma D