We have devised a wellbeing programme which covers all aspects of mental & emotional wellbeing; however, each workshop within the programme can be tailored so that it is completely bespoke to suit you and your employee’s needs.


The focus lies heavily on employees and creating a better work life balance, understanding their own stresses, triggers and anxieties. Our mission is to help individuals and teams reconnect and regroup in a safe and confidential space. Creating proactive teams with the resilience to cope with whatever comes their way. The future of any business is the investment in its people!


Corporate leaders/Business Owners: who are looking to get employees back to work and reconnecting/rebuilding relationships with each other.

Teams/Departments: employees who are seeking to return to work and need the support and guidance on their reentry into the workplace to help build empathy with their work colleagues.

Owner Managed Businesses/SMEs: small business owners who are anxious not only about the safety & anxieties of their own return but the well-being and safety of their employees.

Freelancers/Individuals: people working on their own who have felt even more isolated than usual via the working from home situation and not able to go and co work/meet with other freelancers; hence feeling lonely and isolated without a support network to reconnect with in some cases.


There are many topics we cover in our workshops, exploring lots of areas and terms that are associated with “the new normal” and really thinking about what this new normal means for each person or team.


The concept of time and how long this pandemic will be around for is quite hard for some people to get their heads round. We look at ways of breaking down that time into more manageable chunks in order to deal with the here and now; placing focus in a more healthy direction. Being present, and providing the tools on how to put that into reality.


Life after lockdown - anxiety, stress, and resilience.

Stress and anxiety management.

The impact of stress on performance and staff retention.

Boundaries, empathy and building resilience.

Wellbeing consistency workshops.

Confidence and communication within your team.

Get out of your own way - limiting beliefs holding you back.

Silence the inner critic.

Reflect and reset - finding balance.

Change and uncertainty - how to adapt, pivot and flex.


Half Days:

Our half day workshop is around supporting, reflecting, adapting, connecting and building resilience. Because it is a bespoke service, it is extremely important that we make that ‘connection’ with the business or individual to find out exactly what they would like to focus on within their company.

Full Days:

A full day workshop focuses more on values; the values of both the individuals and the company so that they become more aligned. Boundaries are coming up over and over again and we focus on this more during our full day workshops. Some employees are struggling with the blurred boundary lines when it comes to working from home so we provide tools and techniques of how to help deal with this.


“I just wanted to say a huge thank you again. It was such an enjoyable session and really engaging. Both you and Natalie did such a great job of making us all feel so relaxed and comfortable throughout. It felt like such a safe space to open up and discuss experiences and was really nice to have the time to reflect a bit as there hasn't been much time to do that of late. Thank you so much.”

Emma D

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Our aim at Connected Together is to provide mental wellbeing and emotional support to groups, teams and employees. We run interactive and immersive workshops that are tailored to the needs of teams or individuals, with a focus on building confidence and resilience.

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